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Samba Team Introductions

Samba Team Introductions

Escola de Samba Hamamatsu Alegria Independente (Hamamatsu)

We want to show everyone how great Brazil’s representative culture, samba is and enjoy it together! That’s why we continue our activities based here in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. We perform every year at the Shizuoka Samba Carnival held in May.

New members are always welcome, so if you are interested in trying samba, come and talk to us. Let’s enjoy samba together!

G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos da Glória (Tokyo)

Hello everyone, we are G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos da Glória. Our school just opened this month and our performance today in Hamamatsu will be our first! We are honored to have our parade debut in Hamamatsu.

We still have a lot to learn but we will perform with big smiles and great energy so please support us!


We formed in 2000 in Okinawa City, but now are based in Nagoya. Our team is made up of people from many different countries including Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican and Filipino residents from Aichi prefecture.

This year we will liven up the parade with our original theme song, Lightstand Carnival, whose motif is “pro baseball cheerleading at Nagoya Dome.”

Bloco Arrastão (Tokyo)

We are Bloco Arrstão from Minato-ku, Tokyo! Arrstão means “net” and we want to catch everything with our samba net.

We want to spread our net and capture everyone’s feelings. Our team colors are black and white. With a focus on Claudio Ishikawa, we are seriously, at times like a Samba research laboratory, and enjoyably practicing every day.

Samba team Aquarela (Kusatsu, Shiga)

Samba team Aquarela was formed in 2008 and next year we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary.

We are very grateful to be able to join the contest from Shiga for the fifth time with the support of the Hamamatsu bateria team again this year.

Our team is small but we will dance with all we have to help promote Brazilian culture!

UNIDOS DA TOKA (Oizumi, Gunma)

Established in 1992 in the Brazilian Oizumi-cho of Japan by mostly Japanese-Brazilians, with the mottos of “genuine Brazilian samba” and “samba, danced and enjoyed together with the audience.” We will show you a magnificent performance overflowing with energy and enthusiasm!


Bloco Shizuoka’s 10th year anniversary theme is “Emblems of Shizuoka.”

We will incorporate the charms of these emblems associated with Shizuoka—such as Ichi Fuji, Ni Taka, San Nasubi (a superstition involving Mt. Fuji, hawks, and eggplants), gentleman thieves, tea-picking girls, and children disguised as fairies dancing around the goddess of Suruga Bay—into a forró rhythm.

Bloco Brasilidade (Hamamatsu)

We are spreading the magnificent Brazilian culture through Samba.

We enjoy showing our individual creativity while practicing and making our costumes. We have people from a variety of nationalities and our greatest joy is for everyone to come together with us and enjoy our Samba!

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